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All Your Financials In One Place!

All Your Financials In One Place!

Unlimited Invoicing

Automate your invoicing process to save time and ensure accuracy
  • Snapshot documents, upload or generate invoices.
  • Choose preferred currencies.
  • Customize invoice design, details, dates, discounts and terms.
  • Preview invoices before sending/printing them.
  • Automatically track customers, products and more, by invoice data.

REST Api for automatic invoicing

Ability to integrate into any online shop and other software
  • Eliminate the manual issuance of invoices for each sale.
  • Save time and resources on issuing invoices.
  • Provides a step forward in the digital development of your company.

Customizable Dashboard

Avoid surprises by easily tracking cash flow and reporting on your dashboard
  • Color-coded graphs and reports.
  • Summary of most recent activity.
  • Payments Collected/uncollected Report.
  • Intuitive charts of income/expenses by categories.
  • Report filtering by customers, dates, pr-payments and more.
  • Keep track of specific customers, so you know exactly where you stand regarding your money.
Statistics And Reports

Statistics and Reports

Keep track of business financials by handy up to date reports
  • Track income and expenses by categories.
  • Generate financial statements by dates, currencies and more.
  • Produce reports on overdue invoices, profit & loss and more.
  • Easy-to-understand flow-charts and insights regarding your financials.
  • Easily track payments, partial payments and more.
  • Ready-made financial reports when you need them.
Income And Expenses

Income and Expenses

Easily organize income and expenses
  • Categorization of expenses.
  • View all data on colorful charts and graphs.
  • Multi-currency options.
  • Mark expenses/income which you need to emphasize for a later look.
  • Analyze income/expenses by customers, dates and more.
  • Easily assign recurring expenses.
Messaging And Reminders

Messaging and Reminders

Customize instant notifications like invoices unpaid in order to stay on top of your cash flow better than ever
  • Send automatic emails to your customers, to nudge them to pay on time.
  • Enjoy documented conversations and messaging with your team members and also with your accountant.
  • Send automatic reminders to your partners regarding important issues.
  • Mark for yourself urgent issues you need to take care of.


Invite your accountant for exclusive access to your financial information
  • Enjoy documented messaging and reporting with your accountant.
  • Automatic reports for tax-time.

Automatic Calculations

Enjoy data synchronized across all devices and partners
  • Automatic currency rates in various currencies.
  • Automatic sales tax calculations.
  • Unlimited products and discounts calculations.
  • All data updated in real time.
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